Strident House


by P. Mattern & M. Mattern

Publisher: Dark Books Press

Released September 29, 2016

Kit and Brandon Walker learn that their mother has died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. They are called back to Indiana to settle her affairs.

They also decide on placement for their older handicapped brother, Luke. While they settle Luke in a Midwestern mansion that houses the special healthcare center, they encounter a threatening, ancient, and unexpected evil. The facility is filled with the ghosts of a prominent family's tragic past.

Unspeakable secrets become the dark beating heart beneath the modern veneer of the health care center. Some spirits come to work. Some come to be healed. Some come to die.

When a team of paranormal investigators are called to uncover the cause of a patient's inexplicable demise, their search will lead them to the most hellish collection of entities they've ever faced.



"I am a huge fan of any book P. Mattern writes. LOVED The Full Moon series (only read through book 3 ...so far) I loved Shock of Night just as much, but I do believe this may be my favorite if I had to pick just one.....well.........honestly ALL her books have been my newest favorite!!! If you have not read any of her books please treat yourself.....you will be hooked like all her fans are." - Amazon Reviewer

"WOW! Very good haunted house story. Had a real effect to it. The epilogue, gave me chills and my jaw dropped. Makes you want more of it. Love, love, loved this." - Amazon Reviewer

"This book Strident House has all the makings for a great scary movie. I started reading this book and could not put it down." - Amazon Reviewer


I'll Make You Scream


by P. Mattern & L. Gauthier

Publisher: Vamptasy Publishing

Released July 24, 2018

Narcissist, ladies man, and rising Hollywood star Delaney Jones thinks his problems are solved when his jilted lover Skylar commits suicide.
The truth is, they are only beginning.

"This novel is a fast paced rocket ride into HELL. Mattern and Gauthier expertly weave a horrific tale of love, greed and revenge set against a high stakes backdrop of glamour and fame." - Bathsheba's Book Reviews

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From Book 1: AMAZON BESTSELLING SERIES! Charley Rabbit is a mentally disabled young man who lives quietly with his widowed mother Mitzi in the American Midwest-but not for long! Charley develops a rapid intellectual growth spurt after being bitten by a vampire. Fressenda and her fraternal twin brothers Cass and Lux take an interest in Charley and Mitzi and become part of their extended family, but Mitzi is wary and senses that the changes in Charley may be part of something mysterious, dark, and sinister.